Happy Thanksgiving

The Holiday season is fast approaching which means thanksgiving will be here in a flash. This year we are extra thankful because it is the 20th year that Iperdesign has been in business! We are very proud of this accomplishment and without the hard work of many, it would not have been possible. There are many people, companies, and employees. That has helped us along the way and this month we want to give thanks to everyone.

First and most of all we want to thank our clients who we love to serve and work to find and meet all of their needs. Our customers' loyalty is so important to us, and we would like to thank our clients that have been with us for five, and some have even been with us for ten years. Click here to learn more about our clients.

Our clients always come first but next, we would like to thank the people who have been here from day one. Our President and CEO Eligio Sgaramella, and Partner and CDO Nicola Di Cosmo started Iperdesign and have been working hard all 20 years that Iperdesign has been in business. Their hard work is the reason we can do all of the things we love to do every day helping Iperdesign meet all of our client's digital branding needs. Next, we want to give thanks to two more individuals that give their all to our company. Andrea Cavallari who is a partner and CTO here and Anthony Groves who is also a partner and our Creative Director.

Our employees are handpicked and are instrumental in much of the work that we are doing at our offices. Our full-time employees right now are Erika, who is our Project Manager and Digital Marketing Account Coordinator, Benny who is our Web Developer, Sam who is our truly talented new designer.

Last but not least, we would like to give thanks to our Interns Dhruv and Drew. Dhruv is our Front-end Web Developer intern and Drew is our Marketing intern who has been with us since September and has been making a difference. They are both Drexel University students and we love to teach them and see how their new perspectives will change the future of our industry.

Thank you to everyone and have a fun and safe Thanksgiving.

By Drew Armstrong